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How do I fit a headboard to my bed

by Bed Buying Advice

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Category : Headboards

Subcategory : Fitting a headboard

Fitting a new or existing headboard to your bed is a relatively simple task. In most cases headboards are fixed to the bed with bolts that screw into the divan base through struts, holes or slots on the headboard. The bolts themselves are provided with the bed (not the headboard) and are designed to be tightened by hand or screwdriver.

There are three Main types of headboard, two of which fit in a similar fashion to above and one which needs competent DIY skills.

The first and most traditional type of headboard uses struts. This type of headboard attaches to the bed and generally does not touch the floor. As mentioned above, the headboard is simply attached to the bed by means of headboard bolts which screw into the bed through the struts. When you first purchase this type of headboard there is a good chance that the headboard struts aren't attached to the headboard. If this is the case, you simply need to attach them with either the screws or bolts provided before attempting to fix the headboard to the bed.

The second type of headboard is the floor standing headboard. These types of headboard rest on the floor and are fitted to the bed in the same way as the method above. The only difference being that they usually have longer struts, holes or slots for the bolts to fix through.

The final type of headboard is the wall mounted variety. This type of headboard fixes to your wall rather than your bed by means of wall fixings. Wall mounted headboards can be a little more difficult to install than other headboards and is best left to either those with competent DIY skills or professionals.

If you find that one or more of your headboard bolts are missing try contacting your local bed showroom or the beds manufacturer. Most are more than willing to help and may even give you some replacement bolts for free.

It is worth noting that there are currently two types of thread on these bolts imperial and metric. Therefore if the bolts you are using didn't come with the bed and you are getting resistance when trying to screw in the bolts there is a good chance they have the wrong thread for the bed. Again contacting your local bed showroom or the beds manufacturer is the best option here.