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What is an ottoman bed frame What is an ottoman storage divan

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An ottoman bed is a bed frame or divan which offers a majority of its interior space for storage. Access to the storage area is done so via a lifting platform which is connected to either the side or head end of the base via a hinged system. As the mattress rests on this platform, tension springs or a hydraulic system are used to assist the user with the process of lifting and raising the platform.

Ottoman divans and bed frames offer excellent storage solutions and are readily available from many retailers. The design of many bed frame ottomans also allows for a greater weight load than drawer storage solutions due to their ability to use the floor as support, it is advised however that before you load the base with your dumbbells and gym equipment you check with the retailer or manufacturer for the recommended load limit.

The raising platform in ottoman divans and ottoman bed frames differ greatly. Ottoman divans usually have a narrow section that is constructed in a similar way to the rest of the divan base whereas bed frames commonly have a metal frame section with sprung slats. Both of these options work just as well as each other taking the majority of mattresses available. However, If you do buy a slatted bed frame make sure that any mattress you choose is suitable for slats.