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What size (How Big) is a king size Mattress or bed

by Bed Buying Advice

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In a short answer a standard king size mattress/bed measures approx 150cm in width and 200cm in length, this however only applies to the mattress and most divan bases.

Bed frames or bedsteads tend to be a little bigger due to the attached head ends, foot ends, corner posts and their need to surround the mattress. Generally the extra width and length of these types of beds is between 50-150mm (2-6") be warned though that there are some frames which are much bigger than this due to curved or thick posts, head ends or foot ends, a good example of this would be a traditional sleigh bed.

If your mattress has been bought from another country or from a European based store be sure to check the sizes as many mattresses from these types of stores differ from the standard UK sizes.

As mentioned this isn't usually the case with Divan beds as the base tends to be the same as the mattress, the only problems which may occur here are usually down to finishing touches to the bed such as drawer handles, piping or padded features.

So to sum it up the standard size of a king size mattress is approx (give or take a centimetre or two) 150cm x 200cm.

If you have any doubts simply take a tape measure down to your local bed showroom and measure up the bed in question.